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It's so easy to lose a half hour here and there to mindless scrolling. Now, it's OK if you don't feel guilty about your phone usage—we all get to decide how we want to spend our time on earth, and no one should feel guilty for scrolling if that's what gives them joy. I, however, frequently find myself feeling absolutely nothing while scrolling. I'm getting nothing out of an activity I'm dedicating hours to daily. I wish I was using that time to learn things instead.

 1.scroll   /skrəʊl/    n. (供书写的)长卷纸,卷轴; 一卷古书(或公文、文件); (绘制或雕刻的)涡卷形装饰; 印上格言(或题字)的丝带的描绘; (视频显示器屏幕上为查看新资料而设的)显示滚动装置   v. 滚屏,滚动; 使像纸卷合(或打开)那样移动

As it turns out, I'm not the first person to think this. There are plenty of apps that can put your phone addiction to work, allowing you to learn new things during what would be downtime. I studied Spanish in college. I wish I could still speak it, though, which is why I started using Duolingo. What I really find fascinating, though, is how many design cues Duolingo takes from video game design in order to make learning addictive. For example, there's an XP system, which is used to rank you against other learners. This already hooks me—I'm an RPG gamer at heart, meaning if there's an XP stat, I want to see that number go up.

1.downtime  /ˈdaʊnˌtaɪm/    n.(工厂等由于检修,待料等的)停工期;闲暇时间
2. hook   /hʊk/   n. 钩,挂钩; 勾拳; 曲线球; 吸引人的东西; 使(投手)下场; (尤指用于收割、剪羊毛)弧形切割工具; 弯曲的笔画; 弧形岬(或沙嘴)    v. 钩住,挂住; (用手臂等身体部位)箍住; 钓鱼; 打曲线球; 弯成钩状; 吸引; 把……连接到(某设备)

There are other great language learning apps, of course. Brilliant offers interactive math and computer science lessons that are designed to be done in 15-minute chunks, which makes it a great replacement for your Twitter/X habit. Or there's Wonderium, which offers courses on a variety of subjects. You could also look into the various online classes that are actually worth taking, including MasterClass, Skillshare, and Coursera. All offer online lessons and classes about almost any subject you can imagine.
当然,还有其他很棒的语言学习应用程序。Brilliant这个软件提供互动式数学和计算机科学课程,以15分钟为单位进行学习,可以很好地替代你刷Twitter/X 习惯。此外,Wonderium还提供各种主题的课程。你还可以关注各种真正值得学习的在线课程,包括MasterClass、Skillshare和Coursera。它们提供的在线课程几乎涵盖了你能想象到的所有主题。

1.chunk   /tʃʌŋk/   n. 大块,厚块; 大量,大部分; 话语组成部分,组块; 矮胖的(男)人   v. 将……分成数份; 将……组合(或归类); 扔,抛; 发出“砰啷”声; 切分,切割(数据)

The point is to find some kind of app that helps you learn—ideally one that helps you build a pattern of learning. Then put that app prominently on your phone's home screen, so you reflexively click it. Once you've filled your home screen with apps that can teach you something, consider taking another stop: hiding the time-sink ones. You don't have to uninstall these apps you can just remove them from the home screen and then find them in the App Drawer (Android) or App Library (iOS). Simply tap-and-hold, then remove the app from your home screen.

1. pattern  /ˈpætərn/   n. 模式,方式; 图案,花样; 模范,典范; 模型,底样; (布或墙纸的)样品; 样式; (声音或词汇有规则排列的)模式   v. 用图案装饰,给……加上花样; 仿照,模仿; 赋予……以固定(或易辨认)的形式; 使形成,促成(某行为模式)

Or, if you prefer, you can leave your apps on the home screen but use the app One Sec to add a little bit of friction. This free app shows up every time you open an application you find to be a distraction and makes you wait a few seconds. The idea, backed by research, is that you'll be less likely to reflexively open such apps if you stop and reflect on why you're opening it.
或者,如果你愿意,也可以把应用程序留在主屏幕上,但使用应用程序One Sec来增加一点阻力。每当你打开一个会分散你注意力的应用程序时,这个免费的应用程序就会弹出来,让你等待几秒钟。研究表明,如果你停下来反思一下为什么要打开这些应用程序,你可能就不太会再条件反射性地打开它们。

1. friction   /ˈfrɪkʃən/  n. 不和,分歧; 摩擦; 摩擦力

It's so easy to lose a half hour here and there to mindless scrolling.
结构:It's so easy to lose a half hour here and there to mindless scrolling.
例句:It's so easy to lose a half hour here and there to woolgather.







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