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2024考研英语同源外刊:苹果Vision Pro能否开启新时代?

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      考研英语水平的进步,不仅要记单词,还需要阅读外语文献等资料。接下来,小编为2024考研者们,整理出——2024考研英语同源外刊:苹果Vision Pro能否开启新时代?供考生参考。

2024考研英语同源外刊:苹果Vision Pro能否开启新时代?

No one shows off a new gadget quite like Apple. But the device that Tim Cook unveiled on June 5th was billed as something more significant. The Vision Pro, a pair of sleek glass goggles, represents “an entirely new spatial-computing platform”, said Apple’s boss, comparing its launch to that of the Macintosh and the iPhone.

没有哪家公司能像苹果公司那样在展示自家新产品方面独树一帜。但蒂姆·库克在6月5日发布的这款新设备被标榜为具有更重大的意义。Vision Pro 这款带流线型玻璃外罩的头显代表着“一个全新的空间计算平台”,意义堪比当年麦金塔电脑和 iPhone 的面世。

Apple’s message is clear: after desktop and mobile computing, the next big tech era will be spatial computing—also known as augmented reality—in which computer graphics are overlaid on the world around the user.


The presentation was both jaw-droppingly impressive and oddly underwhelming. The Vision is stuffed with innovations that eclipse every other headset on the market. Clunky joysticks are out, hand gestures and eyeball tracking are in.


Instead of legless avatars, users get photorealistic likenesses, whose eyes also appear on the outside of the glasses to make wearing them less antisocial. The product is dusted with Apple’s user-friendly design magic.


Yet the company had strangely uninspiring suggestions for what to do with its miraculous device. Look at your photos—but bigger! Use Microsoft Teams—but on a virtual screen! Make FaceTime video calls—but with your friend’s window in space, not the palm of your hand! Apple’s vision mainly seemed to involve taking 2D apps and projecting them onto virtual screens (while charging $3.499 for the privilege). Is that it?

然而,关于这台神奇设备的应用场景,苹果给出的建议却出奇地乏味。戴着它看照片——显示地更大了!戴着它使用微软 Teams 吧——不过是在虚拟屏幕上!用它打 FaceTime 视频通话吧——对方的对话窗口会飘在空中,而不在你的手掌上!苹果的愿景似乎主要是将2D应用投射到虚拟屏幕上(并为此收取3499美元)。

Patience. Mr Cook is right that spatial computing is a new platform, but it will take time to exploit. Consider the iPhone’s launch, 16 years ago. Like the Vision, its technology sparkled, but its dull initial uses were inherited from earlier platforms: make calls, write emails, browse the web, listen to music.

给点耐心。库克说的没错,空间计算是一个新平台,而开发利用还需要时间。遥想16年前 iPhone 刚发布时,就和 Vision Pro 一样,在技术上很出色,但起初的用途乏善可陈——只是继承自早期平台的打电话、写邮件、浏览网页、听音乐。

It was years before developers found mobile computing’s killer use-cases: group chats, ride-hailing, short video, casual gaming, mobile payments and all the other things that today persuade people to spend $1.000 or more on an iPhone (whose $499 launch price in 2007 was considered shocking).

多年后,开发者才发现移动计算的杀手级用例:群聊、打车、短视频、休闲游戏、移动支付以及所有其他让人们愿意花1000美元或更多的钱购买 iPhone 的功能(2007年其499美元的首发价格曾被认为贵得离谱)。

Other platforms have taken just as long to reach their potential. Television producers began by filming people appearing on stage. Internet pioneers started off by sharing files, before spinning the web and much more. Apple’s own smartwatch was a damp squib until consumers decided that it was a health and fitness device. It now sells 50m watches a year.


No one yet knows what spatial computing’s killer use-case might be—or if it even has one, though that seems likely. It could be commercial (surgeons, engineers and architects have dabbled in the tech) or educational (Apple previewed a “planetarium” in its demo) or in entertainment (Disney made a cameo with ideas for immersive cinema and sports coverage).


Vision Pros could even become high-end porn goggles, if Apple relaxes its ban on such things. Artificial intelligence will allow programmers to make eerily realistic content in all these categories, and many more.

Vision Pro 甚至可能变成一款影像头显,前提是苹果放宽对这类内容的限制。借助人工智能,程序员将能够在上述领域乃至其他许许多多领域制作出逼真到令人毛骨悚然的内容。

The way to speed up this process is to get the hardware into the hands of developers—and that is the real purpose of the Vision. Apple will not sell many of the expensive first-generation units, and doesn’t care.

加快这一进程的方法是将硬件交到开发者手中,而这才是 Vision Pro 的真正使命。这种昂贵的一代设备不会有太多销量,苹果也不在乎这一点。

Its aim is to get the product to the people who will work out what spatial computing can do. It is uniquely well placed. Meta, its chief rival in the headset game, lacks Apple’s links with developers, who like making software for Apple’s best-in-class hardware (and its richest-in-class consumers).

它的目标是将产品提供给那些想要琢磨空间计算用途的人。苹果享有得天独厚的优势。作为苹果在头显领域的主要竞争对手,Meta 缺乏苹果与开发者之间的那种联结,开发者乐于为苹果一流的硬件(以及最富裕的消费群体)开发软件。

The flawed but extraordinary Vision shows that the technological struggle to make spatial computing a reality is being won. The next race is to discover what it is for. Apple has just fired the starting gun.

这款存在缺陷但出类拔萃的 Vision Pro 头显表明,把空间计算化为现实的技术战役已胜利在望。接下来的比赛是发掘其用途。苹果刚刚打响了发令枪。



miraculous [mɪˈrækjələs] adj. 神奇的;不可思议的;超自然的

dabble [ˈdæbəl] v. 搅水;嬉水;涉猎

eerily [ˈɪrɪli] adv. 怪诞地; 奇异地; 可怕地

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